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We offer services that are designed for the active home technology environment.

Comprehensive home technology solutions

Computer Troubleshooters understands how important it is for your devices to be running seamlessly and securely in your home. Whether you are working from home. Logging in to complete a paper, checking social media, or streaming the latest movie it is necessary that you can utilise your computer, laptop, or mobile device when and where you need it.

Managed services

IT Managed services are not just for business anymore! As working from home has developed and increased over the last few years, home office environments have become as complex as some small businesses, homeowners are now taking advantage of residential managed services. Our technology experts can assess and understand the technology needs of your home and create a customised solution to fit your family needs while sticking to your budget.


Tech advice


Remote support


Device management

Home cybersecurity

There are new viruses and security threats that emerge every day! Are you making sure that you and your family are safe online? Are you making sure your personal information is safe?

We all want to believe that we will not visit an unsafe website or click on a suspicious link in an email, but the truth is, we don’t always know what is safe and what is not. Hackers and scammers are becoming more sophisticated than ever in masking their threats so that people will unknowingly click them and become a victim.

Have a look at our Cybersecurity Plans if you need a more comprehensive cybersecurity service for your home or business!

Backup & recovery

How devastated would you be if all your family photos were gone, your personal files lost, or all your music or downloaded games erased?

Many times, there are very few warning signs of an impending hard drive failure, and most of us ignore every warning our computer gives us. Also, we cannot always predict possible power surges of what other people are doing on our devices! The only way to ensure that you will not lose everything to one of the many potential disasters is to make sure you have a reliable and tested home data backup solution in place.

Our experts will review your current home data backup solution, evaluate your backup needs, and explain our industry-leading solutions. Our home data backup solutions are designed to meet your individual needs and budget.

Repair services

Computers and devices that are in your home are often just as important as the devices in your work and business, many people utilise their home devices to work after hours, stay connected with friends and family, continue their education and more.

Computer Troubleshooters can diagnosis and repair your computer quickly and get it back up and running fast!

To prevent any issues from happening in the future you can book a Seasonal Clean-up with one of our experts.

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