Security threats are emerging daily, let us help you assess the risks associated with these threats and find the right solutions and tools needed for your protection.

An bhfuil do ghnó i mbaol? Faigh measúnú slándála saor in aisce

Is your business at risk? Get a free security assessment

Cén fath cibearshlándáil?

Why do I need cybersecurity?

Security threats to businesses are emerging daily, and it is your responsibility to your clients and your business to make sure you are taking all of the necessary steps to protect confidential, sensitive or critical data. You are also required to comply with GDPR regulations.

Luckily you are not alone, Computer Troubleshooters can help you assess the risks associated with these threats and find the right solutions and tools for your business giving you “Peace of Mind”!

Féach ar na staitisticí

Look at the statistics

(stats are from SoSafe's Human Risk Report 2023)


of organisations experienced a cyber attack in the past 3 years.


After a ransomware attack almost half of small-medium sized companies were forced to pay.


of users click on harmful content in emails.

(stats are from SoSafe's Human Risk Report 2023)

Cad a chlúdaímid?

What do we cover?

Our IT CyberSecurity Solutions includes a full suite of Anti-Virus protection of:


A robust anti-ransomware software that works alongside other solutions

System Monitoring

24/7 system monitoring which gives you peace of mind!

Spam & Malware

Protects against malicious websites and advanced malware threats

MFA Setups

Secure your remote workforce with multi-factor authentication

Mobile Security

Securing mobile devices ensuring all areas of technology are protected

Router & Firewall

Intrusion detection and Intrusion Prevention features

Roghnaigh do phlean

Pick your plan

Individually tailored plans for your Home or Business in the ever-changing environment. Plans to meet your needs and budget:



Protecting your household from online threats is essential, our cybersecurity service is designed for everyone.



Safeguarding your business from the ever-evolving landscape of cyber threats is paramount in today's digital age

Cad a deir ár gcliaint

What our clients have to say

Uncertain? Let us help you with your decision

With the increase of technology in all homes and the continuation of “working from home” more commonplace, so too is the volume and sophistication of cyber attacks. Most users now store Personal Identifiable Information (PII), personal information, government and health details online or locally on the home PC/Laptop, Cybersecurity is important as it protects all files, photos etc from theft and damage.

Partnering with a Managed Service Provider (MSP) such as Computer Troubleshooters for top tier IT services and cybersecurity will help your business stay one step ahead of hacker. Our expert technicians will evaluate your current internet security services and find solutions that meet your needs and budget while keeping your business’s future goals and ambitions in mind, so you are always properly protected. Computer Troubleshooters provides local service with our global support from our agents worldwide. We have our local experts who specialise in industry-leading security measures so you can be confident that you are protected.

Computer Troubleshooters sources cutting-edge industry knowledge and products, our IT CyberSecurity Solutions Suite ensures that your business, network and sensitive data is protected. We provide advanced services that continually monitor your equipment and network to guard against internet security threats, install updates, perform scheduled scans, and identify and remove security threats. 

Some benefits of our CT CyberSecurity Suite includes: 

  1. Vulnerability and Security assessments: 
  • We’ll identify ways to immediately secure your business
  • You’ll protect your data, cloud, clients and remote workforce
  1. Seamless Endpoint Protection:
  • We’ll stop active threats, investigate origins and minimise harm
  • You’ll take advantage of Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR)
  1. Saas and Security for Cloud-based apps:
  • We’ll actively monitor Microsoft 365 and other apps for risks and threats
  • You’ll receive a daily review of your account activities and anomalies
  1. All-Encompassing Network Security:
  • We’ll provide you with comprehensive SIEM services
  • You’ll enjoy nonstop monitoring from a 24/7 Security Operations Centre
  1. Comprehensive Protection for SMB’s:
  • We’ll close gaps in security while adhering to best practices 
  • You’ll leverage technology to grow your business and achieve compliance